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We do SEO to position your business in the searches of your potential clients in the Google search engine


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is undoubtedly the most confusing process in the online marketing sector.

And what is worse, it is essential for any business that seeks to increase its organic traffic and sales potential. Pay attention to these facts:

Online Experiences

93% of online experiences start with a Google search

Click Rate

The first 5 results of Google receive 66% of clicks

Probability to Close

The leads from SEO have a conversion possibility of 14.6%, while for leads from outbound initiatives it is only 1.7%

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How do we do SEO?

We are an SEO agency that practices “White Hat” techniques, that is, legal, so as not to break Google’s rules and thus avoid penalties.

To carry out our SEO plan, we must first investigate and analyze your business, your audience and your sector, in order to serve your needs.

In addition, being a 360 agency we can get involved in all aspects involved in a good positioning strategy.

Our SEO positioning projects consist of two stages:

First Stage

1. SEO Audit

We perform an analysis of your website to find errors and areas of SEO improvement, to proceed to its immediate correction and thus ensure that your website is being effectively tracked by search engines.

Then we proceed to do a keyword research to optimize the content of your website, including the structure of titles, URLs, headers, metadata, web architecture, internal links and more. In addition, we will make a proposal of commercial and value-added content to attract your target audience to the web.

Only this phase is considered, in many occasions, a SEO campaign.

Second Stage

2. SEO Follow up

In this phase, we will carry out a series of actions aimed at improving your visibility in search engines and increasing leads from organic search. A SEO strategy or action plan will be prepared that will be executed in 3, 6 or 12 months.

This phase is made up of a series of interconnected actions that include: link building (search for incoming links), content marketing, web design and UX and communication with online media.

Each month we will prepare an analytical report in which we will show you the status of your SEO, based on various metrics.

In addition, we are big fans of transparency. With each action plan raised, we will specify each SEO task that we will develop, because we want you to understand what we do to improve your web positioning.

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