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Pay Per Click (SEM) continues to be one of the most fundamental brand marketing strategies.

Our experience in PPC and Google Ads will give your brand maximum exposure, for an optimal price, within your marketing plan.

Why should you hire our PPC services?

A professionally managed PPC, whether for mobile or desktop, continues to be one of the fundamental pillars in its marketing strategies for brands. It is the base from which many campaigns are created and also developed.

At Don Wilson Marketing, we know everything about Pay Per Click, from Google Ads (with Search and Display Network), to Google Shopping and Trueview (ads on YouTube). When the PPC changes and evolves, we change and evolve with it.

When we talk about PPC, for us the ROI is fundamental. That is why you can be sure that every cent we invest in your name will be treated with maximum efficiency to produce returns.

In addition, we like to say that our PPC strategy goes further. Using advanced data analytics and the latest AI technology, we can deliver the right message to the clients of the brands, at the right place and time.

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PPC areas we work


Google Ads is a crucial part of any online payment strategy. Guided by ROI, we will create and optimize your ads through a meticulous bid strategy.


We make sure your Google Shopping ads have high visibility. These campaigns are designed to get direct response in online retail campaigns.


Using in-stream and discovery ads, we offer non-intrusive and well segmented promotional videos on YouTube. Very useful when we want to generate brand recognition and interaction with customers.


Using Remarketing solutions, we can refine the target to the maximum, upon reaching those users who had previously visited you and stayed in any of the purchase or conversion phases.


We use high-impact advertising through special ads for mobile devices designed to increase app downloads and increase interaction with apps.


Gmail Ads is a high-impact advertising platform, allowing us to target ads to the Gmail inbox of users, based on context and intention signals.
First Stage

1. PPC/SEM Audit

We will start by auditing your PPC activity until today (if any). We will analyze what worked with your target customers and what didn’t. More specifically, where are you acquiring the best “cost per acquisition” and how can we improve it?

Using analytical data and our marketing tools, we draw information on everything you’ve been doing and conduct a rigorous evaluation of our plan to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Second Stage

2. Implementation of the PPC strategy

Equipped with the knowledge gained from the initial audit, we create a strategy to offer you a ROI in PPC as you have never seen. And once underway, we will always continue optimizing our PPC strategy in your campaigns.

In addition, it will not be doing the typical PPC strategy. Everything we do in our campaigns will be coordinated with any SEO, content or public relations strategy you are carrying out. Each action taken will be part of a plan to bring your products or services to your audience.

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